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Deepak is a professional singer with a voice that will mesmerize and charm his audience. His broad talented side has led to several success stories in his life. He has anchored many stage shows and holds the title of Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, Vocalist, Voiceover Artist, and even an M.C under his belt.

A native of Calicut, India Deepak was molded on Hindusthani Classical music under the Padmashree Suresh Wadekar at the Ajivasan School Of Music in Mumbai. Since then, RJ Deepak has performed and hosted on worldwide stages. Keralam is proud to have him on our team on AIR.

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Shreelakshmi is a simple yet extrovert soul who loves to live life to its fullest. Shreelakshmi is an explorer at heart. Her 'YES' to everything policy has helped her try and experience what the world has to offer. Her knowledge of travel and lifestyle makes her an important team member of our radio station.

The simple soul who lives life to the fullest and invites you to do the same too. Her live life mantra ‘Khalili Walli’ is driven by blaze and perseverance. She loves to laugh, and share stories with callers and listeners while also being very attentive to what callers would like to share.

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Laavanya's star sign is Aries resonates with the air element hence she is in her perfect zone. Her always keep smiling and talking sense has enabled her to make important decisions in life. Laavanya is all roses and no thorns. Her expression of creativity and freedom has made her the bold and confident woman she is today.

Her hobbies are falling in love with melodic music, and swaying to those heavenly beats. She likes listening to music, dancing, and collecting rare exotic French and Arabic perfumes. She assures full infotainment and comes up with an interesting conversation over Radio Keralam 1476 AM.

Radio Keralam



Keerthi is a multi-talented jack of all trades and still a master of more. Her experience as a recognized presenter and event host that has given her the strong confidence to talk her best with all crowds, especially on AIR. She has more than 5 years of hand on experience as a Video and Radio Jockey making her perfect for Keralam. She is awesome and energetic & extremely cheerful with a very positive attitude in life. Keerthi has made it her mission in life to always keep her audience entertained and happy.

Radio Keralam



The sky is not the limit with RJ Swathy. She is quite the charmer and is blessed with an angelic voice. Her love for the radio, music, scriptwriting, and performing arts makes her a perfect fit for Radio KeralAM 1476. A true foodie by nature with a craving for Keralite delicacies and big dreams of movie crafting. A Gemini who loves to travel, explore and entertain. You can catch her live on AIR.

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